Immaculate Painting


Looking to give your home a new look and breathe new life into it? Look no further- at Immaculate, we live up to our name and promise to deliver the goods. Regardless of whether it’s just one room or the whole home or office, we ensure that you will not be disappointed. We endeavor to provide complete satisfaction with a smooth and attractive finish and our professional approach will provide value that goes beyond the painting.

We know how important quality is and promise to live up to the high standards that you look for. We prep the painted areas thoroughly before commencing the actual painting, use only high quality paints and materials and our specialized painters, who understand the aesthetics of painting, ensure that your homes and offices will remain glossy, smooth and beautiful for a long time.


We at Immaculate understand how important your homes are to you and how you want them to look from the outside and inside-always beautiful. Using proven products and quality materials, our house painters will set about the task of transforming your homes and enhancing their appearance in just the way you envision them. Whether it’s a new home or an old one, we’ll transform it so that you can’t tell the difference.



In addition to residential painting, Immaculate also offers commercial painting services. Our commercial painters are highly- skilled and will ensure that the end product will be to your satisfaction. In addition to adopting the well-known and dependable approach that painters use for residential buildings, we will customize our approach to suit special needs that your business may have. We value time and quality as much as you do and will meet your turnaround time and live up to your high standards.



New Constructions

We also specialize in painting new commercial or residential spaces and we find working right from the scratch easier to deal with: we can work uninterruptedly, we don’t have to deal with old layers of paint, we have the know-how about what paints and coatings work best for what constructions. Trust Immaculate to do an immaculate job of your space.



Indoor spaces are important as they affect how you perform—the color and decor of a room can alter moods- and you can trust us to alter it the way you want. Transforming dull interiors into lively ones that are cheerful, comfortable and relaxing– that’s our specialty. We are committed to using high quality products, good proven techniques and promise to give every room the attention and care that it deserves.


The outside of a building is as important as the inside and that’s why we believe that it must always remain a ‘sight to behold’. We know that the exterior of a building has to constantly battle with the forces of nature and understand the importance of quality and durability. We choose our paints accordingly and prep the surfaces so you don’t have to worry about your exteriors looking and staying good for a long, long time.

New / old homes

Whether it’s a new home or an old one, for us it’s the same; our approach is work on the interiors and exteriors to have old homes looking like new and new homes looking great. Our painting jobs are all immaculate you see and our experienced and technique-driven painters add life to and extend the life of your homes. For us painting is a craft.

Immaculate is a fully licensed home and commercial painting company that serves the areas of Vancouver | Richmond | Burnaby | Surrey | Langley | White Rock